2022 was a BIG year for us. In April, we broke ground at the corner of Maple Avenue and Shore Drive to celebrate the start of construction for our new 2,500 square-foot building. On November 18, we moved into our new sustainable facility which will allow us to increase our capacity by 100%—twice as much as we could do previously. The first meals from our new facility rolled out on Monday, November 2022.

2022 was a year to celebrate more than just wood and steel though. Together, we are driving our vision and delivering on our promise to serve our community in a greater effort to stay connected and be the vital safety net for nutritionally at-risk homebound seniors.

Our new building is a landmark designed to sustain and provide for generations to come and there are many people who made this dream a reality: board members, building committee members, architects, lawyers, realtors, friends, staff, volunteers, the community and all the donors who have advocated on our behalf along the way. Your support, dedication, and endless hours to propel us forward is inspiring.

Download the 2022 Beloit Meals On Wheels Annual Report.