2023 Beloit Meals On Wheels Annual Report

A knock at the door might not seem like a big deal to many of us. But, to a homebound senior, it could signal the arrival of the only person they might see all day or all week long. It brings hope. It brings health. It brings the nutrition and connection that will completely make their day.

A knock can even save lives. Beloit Meals On Wheels had another remarkable year because of our community of caring supporters and army of dedicated volunteers.

We continue to see growth in our program and are proud to be able to serve our at-risk seniors for over half a century. As we move through this next year, we will stay focused on our mission of providing healthy meals, human connections, and community resources to further open doors to identify and serve more underserved and unserved seniors living in Beloit.

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In Numbers

63,877 Meals Served

306 Seniors Served

8,981 Volunteer Hours Donated

  • 44% increase in total meals served
  • 10% increase in total clients served
  • 32% are veterans or spouses of veterans
  • 79% live at very low to extremely low income levels
  • 76% of clients are 70 years or older
  • 48% of direct meals costs covered by clients
  • average client length of stay is 487 days (1 year, 3 months)
  • 644 active volunteers
  • 39,176 total miles driven by volunteers
  • 13% increase in volunteer driving hours
  • 13 volunteer routes