Serving Up Nutritious Meals for the Next 50 Years

Beloit Meals on Wheels has exciting news to share. Thanks to the generosity of major donors, we are building a new sustainable facility. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions including how you can get involved—we really need your help to make this happen!

About: The 2,500 sq. ft. sustainable facility will be a landmark designed to sustain and provide for generations to come. With a 100 percent capacity increase, we’ll be better positioned to fit the growing needs of our at-risk, homebound seniors by keeping them connected to vital services like daily nutritious meals, safety checks, wellbeing reminders, and much more.

Where is the new location? 1534 Shore Drive (corner of Maple Avenue and Shore Drive)

When did you break ground? April 26, 2022 (see video).

When will the new sustainable building be ready? If all goes well, November 2022.

Did someone donate the land? Early 2022, the City of Beloit generously donated some land to Beloit Meals on Wheels; we purchased parcels on Beach Avenue for our growth.

How can I help make this happen? There will be additional needs associated with continuing our services to serve more seniors. We truly appreciate everyone’s consideration in helping bring this project to fruition. Here is what we need:

  • Financial donations for the building—if you would like to support the growth of our program, please donate to the building fund on this page.
  • Financial donations to feed our seniors— if you would like to buy a senior a meal, please donate on this page.
  • Volunteer delivery—in our expanded role, we’ll need more volunteers to deliver (about one hour per month), please contact us on this page.
  • Volunteer office—some people like to help in the office by helping with cards, flowers, and more! Please contact us to let us know what you’d like to help with on this page.

Be sure to check back regularly for progress updates and answers to FAQs. Together, we can be ready to serve our community for the next 50+ years; please help us make this happen!