United Way Blackhawk Region Day of Caring is such a wonderful event that so many nonprofits look forward to in our area. It’s a day when volunteers from local businesses, organizations, and the community come together to give their time and energy to support various charitable and community service projects and to learn about the organizations their pledge dollars support.

Nonprofits can often feel like they are “in the weeds” with all the building upkeep projects waiting to be completed and the need for volunteers to help make it all work.


“On Day of Caring last week, a team from various departments at Kerry helped us by putting down weed fabric and mulch so we don’t have to worry about weeding our front gardens going forward,” shared Executive Director Ellen Wiegand. She continued, “We are very proud of our new facility, and we want to make sure all our entryways look and feel welcoming to our clients and families, volunteers, visitors, and staff. Thanks, Kerry!”


This United Way Blackhawk Region project not only helped Beloit Meals On Wheels’ curb appeal today—it will also help in years to come when there are no weeds to worry about—nothing to pull or spray with potentially harmful chemicals.

Joe Bavone from Kerry shared, “United Way Day of Caring not only benefits the community by addressing various needs but also fosters a sense of unity and social responsibility among participants. It’s a day when people can come together to make a tangible difference in their community and demonstrate the power of collective action in addressing social issues.”

Beloit Meals On Wheels, wants to share a heartfelt thank you to team Kerry for helping them—it is mulch-appreciated!