Naomi Cordova, volunteer and Northwestern Mutual employee, nominated Beloit Meals On Wheels, Inc. for her workplace 2023 Days of Sharing program. We were completely shocked when we opened the letter from Northwestern Mutual and found a kind letter and check for $4,000. These grant dollars will go a long way to relieving hunger this holiday season.

“This funding will enable us to open the door and nourish the wellness, purpose, and dignity of Beloit homebound seniors,” shared Beloit Meals On Wheels Executive Director, Ellen Wiegand.

The Northwestern Mutual Foundation is a beacon of hope and support for local organizations. The “Days of Sharing” program is a testament to their dedication to building stronger, more vibrant communities.

We’d like to thank Naomi, for thinking of us and nominating us for this opportunity! We would also like to thank the Northwestern Mutual Foundation, for the generous grant for our homebound seniors—this is the MAGIC and HOPE the holiday season brings—we are truly grateful!

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