Read Some of Our Clients’ Comments about Beloit Meals On Wheels

Meals On Wheels clients & deliveriesThe Beloit Meals On Wheels program provides meals to the homebound, the elderly, ill and handicapped residents of the Greater Beloit area who were unable to prepare meals for themselves. Today, we continue to serve a broad spectrum of clientele, meeting their varied needs, be they on a short-term basis while recuperating from an illness or surgery, for long-term recuperation or as a more permanent means of food service.

Deborah S.
“As a niece and family member, I am forever grateful for all they do and the kindness the volunteers show my Uncle. They are so respectful and a real day brighter as they are the only social contact he might have on some days. Thank you!”

Jeff B.
“Meals on Wheels is a blessing to me. You help me gain weight and feel better and I give my blessings.”
Chris R.
“Thank you for everything! This is a great program for my brother.”

Donna H.
“The volunteers are the best! I look forward every day to open my door they are sometimes my only visitors.”

Karen E.
“It’s a blessing for the community.”
Doris K.
“Thank God for this service. Those who bring the meals are helpful and friendly.”

“We truly appreciate the efforts of all your drivers, meals plus the security check. I cannot say enough.”

“I like the summer salads! The volunteers do a wonderful job. It’s nice to see the children they bring at times! It is hard to cook at the stove any more, so Meals on Wheels is a big, big help!”

“We are so grateful to all of the volunteers who go out of their way to be helpful!”
“It fills my meal needs perfectly and keeps my weight in control.”
“The timeliness and smiles and jolly attitudes of the volunteers are greatly appreciated! The program provides good economy, appropriate variety for good nutrition, and is great for my weight control needs… Don’t change a thing!”

“I’m dealing with dizziness, and trying to get a meal would be really hard.”
Kerrie and Dustie Rose
“God bless the volunteers who are very cheerful and loved by my cat, Dustie Rose. You provided healthy meals and friendly and smiling faces. I would have a nice conversation for the day. I want to tell you all thank you!”