Beloit Meals on Wheels Fundraising

Ora and McKenna’s Lemonade Stand for Beloit MOW

At Beloit Meals On Wheels, we delight in having diversified funding! Please help us acknowledge and thank our new entrepreneurs, cousins Avery and McKenna Knueppel, who assembled their lemonade stand to raise money for Beloit Meals On Wheels!! According to their grandmother, Sue, the girls had been at the 4H Fair and saw how much people were willing to spend on freshly squeezed lemonade, so that was what they had. All their sales were to people stopping to check out their stand. According to Grandma Sue, “One lady even paid 50 cents for a glass of pure lemon juice until I asked if they had added sugar. When I apologized, she said ‘no problem – it was cute’”. They reportedly made $21 in about 2 hours late in the day.

The week before, cousins Ora and McKenna made $12 selling clay figurines and hand sewn items for Beloit Meals On Wheels! All three cousins have delivered meals with their grandmother (who originally began delivering meals with her mother, Carolyn Thomson) the very best way to learn community service and caring! And so the tradition extends to the next generation!